Company Information

William Patrick Bourne is an independent researcher/generalist with published papers on fortean phenomena, quantum cosmology/particle physics, and the new catastrophism in geology.  He worked with a San Francisco production company to develop a proposal for a series of science documentaries for cable television.  Coauthored a play that was successfully produced by a Bay Area theater company.  Professional background includes over ten years as a journalist working with labor unions and nonprofit organizations, including several years as a technical writer/editor in the e-Learning industry designing web-delivered training courses with focus on the biosciences.  He got interested in Universal Economics as a major engine for social evolution after contact with the visionary originator Addison Brown, then went on to write the definitive essay on the system. 

Michael Ferguson worked on independent video projects after graduating Howard University in the Radio-TV-Film program.  More recently began working in the mental health field with at risk youth, focusing on family reunification.  Currently completing his first novel “Alkebulan,” a work of science fiction soon to be published.  He is currently employed at Treasure Island Job Corps where he counsels young adults enrolled in the vocational program.

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